Dental Emergencies

Please call our office to discuss your dental emergency in charlotte. If our office is closed, you will be instructed how to reach one of our pediatric dentists or a team member. Many dental emergencies can wait until your next appointment or until the office reopens. These FAQs can help ease your mind in the meantime.

My daughter fell and knocked out a permanent tooth! What should I do?
This is a true dental emergency and needs attention at once from us or another emergency dentist in charlotte. Call us immediately.

Pick up the tooth by the crown only if possible – do not touch the root. Gently rinse if necessary and replace in the socket. If the tooth cannot be reinserted, place it in a cup of milk. Time is essential in this emergency, so call us or see another dentist immediately for any of the emergency dental care services.

My son fell and knocked out a baby tooth. Should I put it back?
Do not replace this tooth in the socket. Stop the bleeding by having him bite on gauze or a tea bag. Give him children's pain reliever as needed. Call our office and we’ll let you know what to do next.

My tween is crying from a toothache. Is this an emergency?
Begin by cleaning around the sore tooth and rinsing with warm salt water to displace any trapped food. For temporary pain relief, children's pain reliever is recommended if your child can tolerate these pain medicines. In the event of facial swelling, apply a cold compress to the area and call our office.

Other common issues of childhood are a broken tooth and bleeding after a baby tooth falls out…

  • For a broken tooth, recover any broken tooth pieces if possible. Call our office.
  • For bleeding, have your child bite tightly on a folded piece of gauze or tea bag to stop the bleeding.

Fast and Effective Care from an Emergency Dentist in Charlotte
A dental emergency can happen at any time, and it is crucial that you seek emergency dental care in Charlotte as soon as possible. Bird Pediatric Dentistry offers same day appointments if you have suffered an accident or injury to the teeth, mouth, or gums. To learn more call us today at (980) 319-1041.