Straighten Your Child’s Smile With Clarity Clear Braces

At Bird Pediatric Dentistry in Charlotte, we are proud to offer our patients an innovative orthodontic solution with Clarity Clear Braces, which provide a safe and comfortable way to straighten teeth.

How do Clarity Clear Braces work?

Clarity Clear Braces are a self-ligating system, meaning they use brackets and wires to help redirect teeth into their most ideal positions, similar to traditional metal braces. However, these brackets are made from a transparent material, so they blend in with your child’s teeth while still providing the same level of effectiveness as traditional braces.

What benefits do Clarity Clear Braces offer?

These braces are more aesthetically pleasing as there is very little metal on the teeth. Additionally, they have fewer parts than traditional braces, making them easier to clean and less likely to cause soreness or discomfort. Finally, Clarity Clear Braces utilize a self-ligating system that helps speed up teeth straightening, often leading to shorter treatment times, depending on the patient’s needs.

How do Clarity Clear Braces differ from Invisalign?

Clarity Clear Braces and Invisalign can offer effective solutions for tooth alignment concerns but with some key differences. While Invisalign utilizes aligners made from a transparent plastic material, Clarity Clear Braces use brackets and wires for more precise tooth straightening. And Clarity Clear Braces remain in place throughout orthodontic treatment, unlike Invisalign’s clear aligners that are removable for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

Do you have questions about this system? Call Bird Pediatric Dentistry today to learn whether it might be the ideal way to straighten your child’s smile!

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  • Correct crowding and misalignment issues
  • Experience fewer food restrictions than metal braces
  • Help your child maintain their smiling and speaking confidence
  • Benefit from shorter treatment durations in some cases
  • Prioritize your child’s smile!

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