Dental Braces in Charlotte: Elevate Your Child's Smile with Band-and-Bracket!

At Bird Pediatric Dentistry a family dental care in Charlotte, we understand that a healthy and beautiful smile can make all the difference in your child's confidence. We offer band-and-bracket dental braces in Charlotte to straighten teeth and correct bite and crowding issues.

How does this orthodontic system work?

Band-and-bracket dental braces in Charlotte are made of high-quality stainless steel or ceramic brackets attached to a patient’s teeth. A thin archwire is connected to each bracket, applying gentle pressure to the teeth, slowly moving them into their ideal position. This system works with regular adjustments until the desired results are achieved.

What are the benefits of band-and-bracket dental braces in Charlotte?

This orthodontic method, recommended by top dentists in Charlotte, addresses various misalignment, bite, and crowding problems. Though there's an adjustment period, it can profoundly transform smiles and enhance long-term oral health.

Is everyone a candidate for this system?

In most cases, yes! Band-and-bracket dental braces in Charlotte can be used to treat patients of all ages, though they are most commonly used for children, as their teeth and jawbones are still growing and thus can be more easily adjusted. However, band-and-bracket dental braces in Charlotte can also be suitable for teenagers and even adults.

Reach out to Bird Pediatric Dentistry today to discover how band-and-bracket dental braces in Charlotte can be the perfect solution for your child's smile. Learn more about kids dental care in Charlotte with us!

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  • Straighten misaligned teeth
  • Eliminate gaps between teeth
  • Address bite issues
  • Improve overall dental health
  • Attain a great new smile!

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