Meet My Little Friends, Otto & Henry


“Flossie” the bird does a great job as our mascot at Bird Pediatric … but I don’t bring her home! I don’t think they would last very long in a household with 2 dogs.

Since I was in the 2nd grade, my family has had a dog. Over the years, our furry four-legged companions included cockapoos, cocker spaniels, and a Pomeranian, and now a labradoodle. I was happy to be surrounded by their love and enjoyed frolicking along with them on doggie walks. Losing a pet is always heart wrenching.

Otto is our three-year-old cockapoo, a mixed breed that has some cocker spaniel and poodle in him. We named him Otto because of his cow-shaped spots and the fact he lays around like a frog. He has a big personality and is very affectionate. I take him for walks whenever I get the chance and I try to keep up with him when he chases lizards around the yard (yikes!). Yes, he can actually catch them!

In spring this year (2018), I attended a local Gala with my husband. It was to benefit a cleft lip and palate foundation. A labradoodle puppy was up for auction! At the time, he looked just like Otto, except he had dark brown spots, not black ones. I HAD to have him!! My husband outbid everyone, and Henry came home with us that night! Otto’s getting used to the idea of having a brother.

Our family is complete with Otto and Henry. They are our best pals!