Kids Dentistry Charlotte NC

We are devoted to kids’ dentistry In Charlotte, NC. It’s where all our focus goes, five days a week. We change young children’s perception about going to the dentist and make it a fun experience for them. These early interactions are instrumental in shaping how these patients view and treat their own smiles as they transition into adulthood.

Experiencing Kids’ Dentistry In Charlotte For The First Time

If your child is approaching their first birthday, we encourage you to call us to arrange their first appointment. If you go to the “First Visit” section of our website, you’ll find details about what it will be like when you bring your child in for the first time.

Right here, we’ll share a few quick highlights …

  1. It begins at the front desk. Our friendly pediatric dentists will greet you and your child. We will need you to answer some questions about your child’s medical and oral health history. (You can actually fill out our online form if you’d prefer to do it advance. This can also be found on the First Visit page.)
  2. Explore our play area. Kids dentistry in Charlotte, NC wouldn’t be complete with a trip to our fun-filled play zone. Your child can feel free to go there the moment they walk through the door, before their appointment! They’ll stay occupied when they discover the bird house.
  3. Relaxing checkup. Our assistant will fill you in on the plan for the day. You can keep your child company during their exam or ask the doctor any questions you may have. There is an “open area” for cleanings as well as private rooms. Some kids feel more comfortable when surrounded by other kids in a common area while others prefer privacy. The choice is theirs!

Find Out More About Kids’ Dentistry In Charlotte, NC

Whether you have questions before your child’s first appointment or when you arrive, don’t hesitate to ask our team any time. We love being helpful and educating parents about all the options we have to offer their child. And most importantly, we are committed to offering both of you a comfortable experience from start to finish. Call today to give your child a dental experience they won’t soon forget!  

Kids Dentistry Charlotte NC
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