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There are numerous reasons to choose a pediatric dentist in Charlotte for your child’s dental care. At Bird Pediatric Dentistry, we believe the most important benefit is to develop good oral care habits that will carry over to the teen and adult years. Our staff can teach your child excellent oral hygiene habits as soon as they can understand our simple instructions and follow your guidance at home.

CDC Reports

It surprises many of our patients to learn that nearly 20% of children ages 5-11 have untreated cavities which can quickly snowball into bigger and more costly issues. Children should spend their adolescent years free from dental pain and be able to concentrate on schoolwork – something that is more difficult when cavities are present.

Bird Pediatric Dentistry is aware of the newest treatments to keep our young patients’ smiles looking their brightest. Composite fillings result in a more-natural smile, while sealants and fluoride treatments protect young teeth from decay. The latest digital imagery makes x-rays safer than ever.

Instilling Confidence

Your child will have more positive dental visits if they know what they can expect before they arrive for treatment. You can help make their experience with us even more enjoyable by scheduling a tour of our office before bringing your child in for routine cleanings and checkups. The American Dental Association recommends checkups every six months or as often as indicated by your pediatric dentist in Charlotte.

Preventing Tooth Decay

One of the essential reasons for routine visits to our office is to avoid painful tooth decay. When we catch small issues early on, our team can help you make changes at home that will result in better checkups for your child. We can typically notice ineffective brushing and flossing practices and help you coach your child about positive habits that maintain a beautiful healthy smile.

Why Choose A Pediatric Dentist In Charlotte?

Pediatric specialists complete two additional schooling beyond their dental degree.

Our staff at Bird Pediatric Dentistry understands the need to make visiting the dentist a fun and educational experience, which is why you’ll find our office is uniquely set up to accommodate your child. Our young patients tell us they look forward to playing in our waiting room!

When your child reaches the optimum age for an orthodontic assessment, we’ll provide a thorough evaluation of their teeth and talk over our findings with you so you’ll have a better understanding of treatment recommendations we'll offer in the coming years. Our pediatric dentist in Charlotte can also provide professional orthodontic treatment in our office for a more seamless experience.

Dentist Charlotte
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