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Ballantyne Dentist A beautiful smile never goes out of style. Give your child a gift that will keep on giving by scheduling their first pediatric dental visit at Bird Pediatric Dentistry. We are proud to offer our pediatric patients care that increases their comfort: digital x-rays, nitrous oxide (safe laughing gas) sedation, sealants, tooth-colored fillings, and so much more when you make us your family’s Ballantyne dentist.

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Cosmetic Dentist SF

Smile SF: Dr Farah Sefidvash
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Before choosing a cosmetic dentist in SF, take a closer look at what we offer at Smile SF. if you're interested in cosmetic treatments or procedures to enhance your smile, you'll find our practice on the leading edge of the newest technology and techniques in modern cosmetic dentistry- including Lumineer Veneers. Smile SF: Dr Farah Sefidvash

Wisdom Teeth Removal London Ontario
Sbenati Dentistry
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Rest comfortably at Sbenati Dentistry during wisdom teeth removal in London, Ontario. painless extractions are just one of the many reasons we are preferred by patients to other dental clinics in the community. You'll find we offer a long list of treatments, dental procedures, and services designed to meet your family's needs.